Six Weeks

Eva, you had your six week check-up today. I can't believe how fast these weeks have gone.

From your first appointment at a week old...
You weighed 7.25 pounds.

Today, at six weeks old...
Weighing in at 10.6 pounds.

The visit went well. We now have a prescription for the acid reflux - and I am hoping that helps.

You were smiling and chattering at everyone and yourself in the mirror. Everyone that came in the room loved you, and a lot of people stopped because they know your daddy.

The last few days have been rough. You have been fussing and eating more often than usual. I think that it is growth spurt. I have missed the happy and smiling baby over the last few days.

Happy Eva had returned at the visit, up until the nurse gave you your shots. You screamed. Mommy had to bite her lip to stop from crying. I really had the urge to slap the nurse, even though I know she was just doing her job. I hated it and so did you. I am glad it is over.

In these six weeks you have learned and changed so much. You...
  • recognize mommy and daddy's voices and faces
  • found your voice and coo and chatter
  • smile at mommy and daddy
  • kick and kick - trying to stand on your own legs when we hold you up
  • turn your head to see faces and follow sounds
  • love your mobile and seahorse
  • fall asleep on your own in your crib (almost every time)
  • have grown out of all newborn clothes and some 0-3 months clothes too
  • lit up our lives and made us a family
This week, you took your first bottle.
Dad loved feeding you. The second time we tried this out, you weren't too happy. We tried a new bottle and I think we have a winner. Fingers crossed - because mommy has a haircut appointment on Saturday, and really want you to eat well while I am gone.

It was also finally nice enough outside to go on your first walk!
You love your stroller and love to hit the bumps and cracks. It puts you in the best mood, or right to sleep. Both of these are great for you and mommy.

Even though Mommy and Daddy hate how fast the time is going, we love to see you grow and change. We love you always and forever.

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