Clean Start

Michael is interviewing for his fellowship position right now. Even though he has a year and a half of his residency left, we are already looking toward the next step.

We had been planning on staying in Columbus or going to Cincinnati so that I could keep my job. (A job that I no longer enjoy.)

Michael added some additional locations for interview... Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Chicago. These were just-in-case locations. Just-in-case ...
... he wasn't asked to stay in Columbus
... he ended up hating Columbus
... we weren't chicken

Yep, fear... I think that is one of the big reasons we always look at moving to another city/state, but never go. I am really thinking that we shouldn't be letting fear run our lives. I think a clean start in another city would be, could be, a good choice... if we let it.

Speaking of clean start... some Eva photos at bath time.

She wasn't a fan of her first bath...
Until we turned the faucet on full blast. Ahhh - white noise!
Once she could be down in the warm water, bath time has become her favorite thing.


Michelle said...

AWE! SO precious!

Little Jerusha seems to like baths with mommy. She hasnt had a bath by herself yet. usually we do first baths in the sink...phoeey...didnt have the energy to clean the sink. LOL.

We may end up in Singapore on business.

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Awww congrats on Eva!! She is SO precious!!! I am so behind on blogging and have loved catching up with what's going on with you, and now your sweet daughter!! :) Good luck with the moving & decisions...such fun. :)

Jill said...

What a sweet little girl. Almost makes me want to have another baby:)