Rules to live by...

...or not

My 10 Rules Unlearned

Here are 10 things that the last year has taught me... or untaught me? Warning: Your opinion of me may falter.
  1. Never leave the house in yoga pants or any workout gear unless going to the gym.
    I have now made 2 trips out of the house in this attire post baby - and trust me - people were lucky I was dressed at all.
  2. Always wash your face before bed.
    Brushing my teeth is still a rule, but the rest is all up for grabs.
  3. Friends are friends forever.
    I have a friend that I thought would always be in my life. Eva is 3 months old and she has yet to meet her. People change - myself included.
  4. Floral or fruit patterns would never be in my decor.
    I cannot get enough of floral patterns in bright colors - they are so cheerful. Then in the kitchen, I have been dreaming of old tea towels with fruit patterns as curtains for the window over the sink.
    (Disclaimer: We have no window over our sink - or a window in the kitchen for that matter - but I am dreaming here.)
  5. Always use a kleenex.
    I have used a dishtowel, a burp cloth, and an unmatched sock. Feeding the baby takes precedence.
  6. Never go to bed angry.
    Sometimes, a little sleep and a sunrise can put things in a completely different perspective.
  7. Never wear sandals unless the tootsies are painted.
    I am staring at a pair of ugly feet, chipped polish and all. I will be remedying this situation tonight.
  8. Never wake a sleeping baby.
    I assume whoever made this rule either never had kids or never left the house. Poor Eva gets the wake up call frequently. She would have starved the first few days of her life had she not been made to wake up and eat.
  9. Children should never share your bed.
    This is a point of contention I am sure - but I say do what is best for you and yours. On occasion, as in 3 a.m. and little Eva wants to giggle and play - she gets to play in our bed between her dad and mom. (And I hope that we get a few winks between kicks and screams.)
  10. Becoming a mom was not going to change me.
    I am still me, just a little different and in some ways a little better.
This was a part of MamaKats Writing Workshop.

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Gretchen said...

Love this ... funny how we change.

Yoga pants are my new pregnancy pant of choice. Never to work, but always in the evenings and weekends. Although, I do strive to wear longer tops so my spandex bum is covered :)