Saturday Dinner

We went to dinner Saturday night. Eva made us dance a little to keep her happy - but nothing that wasn't doable.

We tried a new restaurant - the Black Creek Bistro. It is a little restaurant in an old part of Columbus. A lot of charm and great food. We sat in the bar area so we had a booth for Eva's seat. It was a good location for two parents to take turns dancing with the baby - until she fell asleep.
I had Texas Red Fish for the first time. It is also called Red Drum... yum... ok, ok, seriously it was delicious. Cajun style with an utterly amazing andouille sausage with black beans and dirty rice. SO, so good.

I believe this is the first time Michael and I have gone to dinner just the three or us. All of our other times out have been in the company of family or friends. Wow - our first family dinner and I didn't even know.

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Erin said...

I love the trade-off baby dance :) Definitely have had to do that many times!!