This weekend was supposed to be some firsts for Eva. She was invited to her first birthday party. Lauren was celebrating turning 3 by having a swim party at the rec center. So, Eva was also going to have her first "swim" in the pool. This adventure was also going to include her wearing her first swim suit. Needless to say - we were excited!

Instead of a fun swim party and cute pictures of her in the water for the first time, this is a picture of our weekend... and the "firsts" that we actually had.

Eva had her first virus, first projectile vomiting and diarrhea. She also spread this lovely illness to both her parents.

Friday night it started and Michael was on call on Saturday at the hospital. That meant that I was on my own from Saturday morning to Sunday morning.

I went through 2 clothing changes myself from being in the line of fire. I also had to wash all of our bedding. I do not know how, but our tiny daughter managed to get sick all over both sheets, 3 out of 4 pillows and both quilts. I somehow managed to complete 3 loads of laundry before I was hit with the sickness. (Remember we live in a apartment complex with a shared laundry - hence the quarters in the photo.)

Then I get a call from Michael - he is at the hospital just a sick as we were here at home. So, Sunday was family sick day.

Bright spot - we survived our first Eva sickness.

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