Current State

Main Entry: funk
Function: noun
Etymology: perhaps from obsolete Dutch dial. (Flanders) fonck Date: 1743

1 a : a state of paralyzing fear b : a depressed state of mind
2 : one that funks : coward

I knew you could be in a funk - I did not know that you could be a funk.

So here I am... a funk.

Definition 1b is the one I was thinking of - I never knew about 1a. Paralyzing fear is a bit harsh - but I guess being fearful of the status quo and also being too fearful make a change is paralyzing.

The old me - in a funk - would do some retail therapy - grab some wine and a DVD.

These days a glass of wine makes me dizzy, shopping is only for short bursts when I know Eva will sleep, and DVDs... I can't even watch the TV that is on the DVR.

I need more time - not to shop - not to watch TV - not to drink wine.

Time to see the smiles, here the laughs, see the learning, feel the cheeks, wipe the tears, sooth the cry and hold her close.

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