Daddy and Deedle Day

Michael had Eva all to himself all day on Tuesday while I was at work.
They played, they ate, they napped (well, Deedle napped and daddy got in a full workout and cleaned our bedroom) and they played some more. They walked here for the best ice cream ever made.

Michael was so sad for us to leave this morning, after getting to spend so much time with her yesterday.

Deedle, you have the greatest daddy in the world.


On Top Baby Bows said...

Found you on the D-List! I love this picture! Your daughter looks so precious! I have a daughter too, so I am a little bias :) http://toriebartee.wordpress.com

LCW said...

Stopping by from the Dlist; I'd like to try the best ice cream ever. I love ice cream. If my daughter weren't addicted to bfing and my boobs then my husband would love to have a whole day with her by himself, but he doesnt lactate and that pisses her off.


Anonymous said...

Very cute pic!! Oh & I'm new to sewing too! We can learn together :)
What are you planning on sewing for your DD?