Loving Fruit

I am looking to recover this in oilcloth for Deedle. There are two small tears in the seat and I think we can do something a little more fun.
I had been looking for a stripe or a polka-dot. In the hunt I ran across this apple print... love it!

found here
Then I saw these and even when I told myself that I didn't like fruit in the kitchen - I kept smiling at them.
found here

Fruit in the kitchen is something my grandma would have done. It is not somehting that I would do... right? So I started looking around - and I can't stop drooling over fruit for the kitchen decor...

How about this cast iron apple pot...
found here

Or vintage juice glasses...
found here (but sold :( )

Some adorable fruit magnets for the fridge...
found here

How about an apple green mixer...

Ok,ok... so the last one is a stretch, but it is so, so pretty. (Hey it also comes in Tangerine!)

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