Hurry Home

Michael is in Vancouver presenting research he completed at a medical conference. He left on Thursday and returns home on Tuesday - tomorrow.

I have been sent some photos via the cell phone, and to say the least, Vancouver looks like an amazing place to be this time of year. I wish we would have gone with him, but I was too nervous about how Eva would do on the plane.

I have been the passenger on the plane next to a crying baby and the frustrated parent who just wishes the "fasten seat belt" light would go off so they can walk and bounce the baby. I was afraid of being that parent.

One thing I have got to say is: I can't imagine how tough it has to be being a single parent. I don't have enough arms to get everything done. By the end of the day - I am exhausted. It made me realize all the little breaks I get with Michael at home. It was almost impossible to get a shower this weekend.

It didn't help that the house was a disaster and the laundry was going to take over the bedroom. There is little to no time to get anything done though out the week - so the weekend is all I have. By Sunday I am almost caught up, and the the week starts... back where I started again.

Deedle is 3 months old... I can't believe it.

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I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

I can NOT imagine going it alone for the weekend! Props to you for managing so well.