My Mom

I had heard the statement many times...

"Just wait until you are a mom, then you will understand."

I would roll my eyes or just think to myself, "How can something make you that different?"

How? Oh, so easily it happens. Being a mom has made me completely different... but it has also given me a new view of the world and other people.

Now looking at my mom through my new mom eyes - I see a lot more - I know a lot more and I appreciate a lot more.

My mom...
  • sacrificed everything for us
  • worked overtime and extra jobs so we could have what we needed
  • cried on her way to work because she missed us
  • was a single mom through the week - every week because my dad worked on the road
  • never complained about any of this
  • made everyday things fun
  • would let me get my own cart at the grocery
  • loves holidays and anything that involves her giving presents
  • would push us around in the laundry cart at the wash-n-fold
  • thinks that Eva is the most perfect baby in the world
  • is the best grammy Eva could ever have
  • will make me a better mommy
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and to Eva's Grammy

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