My Job

Well, I already posted that I will be leaving my job at the end of May - but I have never written about where I go 5 days a week before on here...

I work for ALBAT Program. They are a non-profit training center for the outside electrical industry.
You know when your power is out - these are the folks that help you out and turn the lights back on. They also build and maintain the entire electrical grid.
I was 18 years old and very confused about what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was in college taking whatever course sounded appealing. History to Water Aerobics - Calculus to Performance Music - I was all over the place. So much so that a guidance counselor suggested I sign on to work for a temporary staffing agency. Get some job experience working in different fields for different companies and see is something sparked an interest.

I loved working for the temporary agency - and they loved me. I would go on an assignment, help the company out for a month or so and then I would be off on another assignment. No drama, no office politics, and no time to get tired of any one thing. Two years later I was placed at ALBAT to cover a maternity leave. I was supposed to be there for 2 months, and I have been here almost 9 years!

I started just doing office work. Later I took over their finances and now I schedule all their training, instruct classes, developed curriculum and training programs, assign apprentices to employers and the list goes on.
I have traveled (sometimes way more than I would like), seen and done things that I never thought I would. I have climbed a pole, operated a bucket truck, spliced cable and welded copper lines.
Although, I am ready to leave and excited for what new adventures our coming around the bend... I will miss the longest temporary assignment I ever accepted.

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