Art for Eva

Even though Eva is sharing our room right now - I can't help but plan the decor and pick up things I love to decorate it.

At the street fair, I spotted these adorable paintings and mixed media art by Jennifer Float. This little bird had to come home with us.

Her art varied from things I would love for Eva and things that I would love for our living room. All of the pieces had bits of whimsy and made you smile.

Here are some more examples of her art I tracked down... oh I would love this for over my sofa...

Or this one... it would would have come home with me if it had been available...

You can find more about Jennifer at her blog or her Etsy shop. Her shop has a few things in it right now, but I am sure that when she is not doing fairs and shows, that she can list more pieces there.

Art should make you smile, and this artist certainly does...

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nolaa gallery said...

Hi Nessa! Thank you so much! That's Fantastic! I hope you enjoyed Street Fair in Yellow Springs! You are so kind!
Please keep in touch!