Dr. Appointment

Eva had her 4 month shots last week and we are still recovering.

Ever since the shots, she has been fussy and not sleeping well. I think the immune system is overdrive. THis in addition to the the little bug we were both fighting (sore throats all around) have her in grumpy land.

This means little sleep for Eva and even less sleep for mom.

Here is a recap on how our little Deedle has grown:

Week one... such a tiny Deedle... 7 pounds 4.4 ounces and 20.67 inches long

Month two... growing to 10 pounds 5.8 ounces and 22.05 inches long

Today at 13 pounds 7.2 ounces and 25.39 inches long!

Her height is in the 85th percentile... my long girl... that is the reason she is in 6-9 month onsies. All the others are too short.

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