Fair Success

Today we went to the Yellow Springs Street Fair...

This was a fair/festival that I knew would be great... we go every year.

The last time, Deedle was a new and tiny addition. We hadn't told many people - so as we were walking around - Michael and kept holding hands and touching my stomach - it was still our little secret.

This year, my mom, Eva and I went...

There were belly dancers and live bands... you can see Eva and Grammy loved it.

This artist road his bike around, stopped, put down his kick stand and played the key board that was attached to his bike.

Eva picked out a handmade monster - and yes she has floral corduroy pants!

Even though we missed Michael... it was great time spent with Grammy. Thanks mom!


Jules said...

Ah Nessa.. thanks for the sweet glimpse into your life! Delightful.

Karena said...


Very fun for you and your family, cherish the memories!

Art by Karena!!