I just had one of those days... one of those days that you wish you could redo. It was supposed to be a fabulous day. Eva was going to spend the morning with her Nana (Michael's sister) and I was going to take a break.

Aside from work, our anniversary dinner and a few quick runs to the store - I have been with Eva the rest of the time.

I was really looking forward to lunch date with Michael... some leisure walking and talking... uninterrupted conversation... a good restaurant... good food... time alone.

Things didn't go as well as I planned.

Michael didn't get out of the hospital until almost noon. The highway was a mess - so it took all of 25 minutes of turning around, backtracking and surface road to get to lunch. Trafic makes Michael so irritated. We ended up sitting at a counter table, side by side, under a speaker... music loud and hard to talk over.

After lunch, I wanted to go here and pick out the fabrics for my sewing class in a few weeks. I love this fabric store - but I wanted to hurry so Michael and I could do some other things together. Choosing fabric was overwhelming. The feeling that I wanted to hurry - but that I wanted to pick out a great combo for the project helped me get myself worked up into a anxious frenzy.

Then another few quick stops and the day was done. Michael was going back to the hospital for the night and I was picking up Eva

The kicker was - I really, REALLY missed Eva. The afternoon felt even worse not having her around.

I was so sad that our lunch date didn't go well and that a relaxing afternoon turned into a stressful one. We haven't had much time to spend together and it felt horrible to have the afternoon that I had been looking forward to turn into a mess. It had me in tears.

After I went and scooped Eva up - we decided to meet Michael for dinner. At lest that way he would get to see her for a little while that day.

The cafeteria chicken was terrible - but the conversation was good. Eva got to spend time with her daddy. We had relaxed and great conversation over our hospital food.

Lessons learned - it is not where you are it is who you are with - and although I really miss one-on-one time with my husband... family time feels so good.

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pve design said...

Oh, I know how you feel and my kids are older, but I think we all need to make room for "couple time" and a list to go to of things we loved about our mates. Families are special - and often just keeping a list, a gratitude list can set one straight.
Your little one is adorable and I love that post with the nap outside!