List for the summer

my list of 30 things to do this summer...
  1. take Eva swimming (X)
  2. get family photos
  3. go to some festivals
  4. see fireworks (X)
  5. catch fire flies
  6. light some sparklers
  7. have a picnic (X)
  8. ride a ferris wheel
  9. snack on some fair food
  10. take a boat ride
  11. sew a blanket
  12. have a girls night
  13. go on an overnight date
  14. meet some new friends
  15. organize our apartment
  16. watch a sunset
  17. make strawberry topping for angel food cake
  18. reconnect with some old friends
  19. see a rainbow
  20. pick some fruit
  21. make and eat a smore
  22. enjoy my new mommy status
  23. take more pictures
  24. bake something - with out the box
  25. explore new cities
  26. take a sewing class
  27. get some exercise in
  28. visit a winery
  29. watch Eva grow
  30. live in the moment, enjoy today
Fitting way to celebrate my 30th summer.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Thirty things for your 30th summer! Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Raine said...

Sounds like your gonna have a great summer!