The person behind the camera

I had talked in this post about some of my experiences breastfeeding. One of the things I forgot to mention was the person behind the camera in this picture.


I don't think that I could have been successful in breastfeeding without his help - especially in those first few weeks. I was reminded sometime ago, when I was commenting with some advice to this soon-to-be mama of how much I relied on him. I wanted to give him the accolades he deserves.

One of my favorite memories, is of Michael hold his hands against the frosty January windows. Cold hands was a great way to keep groggy Eva up and eating. He was a great arm puller and feet tickler.

It is amazing to me now that there was a time where we were trying to keep her awake!!

Michael was right there beside me the whole time learning right along with us on how to get Eva her meals. He would pillow stuff, check for swallows, keep my water pitcher full, keep Eva awake and sometime keep me too. He was on diaper duty almost from the very beginning.

Even at 3 am, he would get up, get us settled, and make sure Eva was feeding well before going back to bed.

It is true, that when you are breastfeeding, it can be hard for mom to get a break. Michael was amazing and always ready and willing to do anything he could to make sure his girls were eating and sleeping well. Even when there was nothing he could do physically to help, he would be there cheering me on.

Thank you Michael for all your help, encouragement and love.

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