We have been busy...

... and the internet is finally up and running.

I am slowly... s l o w l y... unpacking and organizing. I completely under estimated the amount of time it would take to pack and unpack with a 6 month old.

Eva is now crawling - and quickly. She also is pulling herself up to standing on anything and everything. This new milestone has also introduced us to our first bruise (and second and third) and also our first head lump.

I am so happy to be in our home.


Amy said...

That is so cute! You gotta put that picture on the card you mail to people to tell the about your address change. Adorable!

Leonie said...

Your baby is so cute!! Just found your blog through Kelly's blog hop..
I agree with the comment above, what a perfect picture for your address change!

Sophie said...

Hey Nessa, thanks so much for stopping by the blog! How gorgeous is your wee bubba in that box! Adorable!