Yesterday morning I read some things that made me rethinking how I have been thinking.  I needed to stop the wanting, wishing and envy.

That very evening. I started two new wish lists and started thinking about what I wanted on my list for Christmas.  Not even a full 24 hours past and I was back on the same road.


Then I realized what I was doing... and stopped.

I deleted the wish lists.

I started a new list.

Things I already have. Things I have already done.  Things that I could do for little or no money that mean more.  Traditions, memories, and moments to look back on.  Not stuff.

I have a new focus.  A new plan.  New outlook. New priorities.

I had a pretty bowl on my Christmas wish list.

I love this bowl.  I love this bowl that I already own.  It was found at the local thrift store for 1.99 a few years ago.   I love this bowl filled with fresh apples that are pretty to look at and good for the body.

I am going to go watch my daughter sleep now.  I love doing that.


Rici said...

I love this! I think we all need to do this at some point. I think we really begin to re-evaluate our lives when we are blessed with children.
Thanks for wishing us a visit from the sleep fairy...sadly, I think she's on vacation.

Carol said...

Great post and reminder to enjoy your blessings. We all have too much "stuff," simplify and enjoy. This morning my 4 year old told me that she has too many toys, and that we need to get rid of some. Really? She's right!