Went looking chairs...

...for our outside spaces.  We couldn't find any we loved... well both of us loved.

We found this instead.

A pretty painting in the very back corner of an antique store.  I loved the colors.  I want to be there.

I left it at first.  We walked around.

A painting was not on our list.  And it was almost $70.  I went back to look at it one more time before we left - and looked at the price tag one more time to talk myself out of the painting.  It was $70, but on closer inspection, it was marked down to $28.

I couldn't say no anymore.  It had to come home.

We did find outdoor chairs later when we stopped to get my canning supplies.  Funny how that happens.


Jules said...

I'm enjoying watching you and Michael feather your new nest!

Hi baby Eva!

Carol said...

I want to be there too...wait...I am there! I'd rather be somewhere where it is really FALL!