... and pieces.

  • Eva took her first unassisted, independent, steps last week.  I thought it might be a fluke, but she has done it again and again... slow down baby girl.
  • I through my first spinning class since Eva... just barely... it feels good to be sore.
  • Grammy and Poppy came for a visit.
  • Less than a week until Eva and the ocean meet.
  • Reading this book - seemed fitting for the season.
  • Today's high 66° - hello Indian Summer - so nice to meet you.


Heidi said...

All of these things: amazing

Nikki said...

Walking already...she's growing up so fast.

Erin said...

Way to go Eva!

Amy said...

Oh Nessa! What a gorgeous picture! I love that my daughter's middle name is Eva. It's an awesome name. ;-) I'll need some daughter raising advice since you've been at it longer than me. ;-)