It is 62° outside and we are heading right back out to enjoy the weather.  We came in to get some lunch and a nap (for Eva).  

I have been feeling quite lonely lately.   

Michael has been working a lot.  

Eva's nap schedule and life has been making it hard to get to our regular play groups.  

It seems like doing what is best for her has been leaving me a little excluded.

You know when you get to that gray, gloomy, moody place - you keep finding more things that are gray and gloomy.  It is like you look for them instead of the nice things.

I know the only thing that I have control over is me... my mood.

So I am trying...

On our first walk, I looked for all things pretty... there is a lot to be found.

I went and joined a gym - one with a really nice play center for her.  

I am really looking forward to working out tomorrow with out worrying about if Eva is going to wake up...

 or it being 9 at night.

Oh, and a shower where I am not jumping out to stop her from playing in the toilet... that is her new thing... nice I know.  I might get to shave both legs!


Heidi said...

It can be so isolating when you are the sole caregiver for a chunk of the time. I am so glad you joined a gym, you are my hero Nessa! And that leaf shot if gorgeous!

Nikki said...

Oh...that is awful. The gym will be a great avenue to relieve some stress. Enjoy the nice weather. If it's nice this weekend, we should meet up at a park and let the girls play.