Thrifting and an Almost Dinner

Yesterday, Eva and I went to Grandma's.  

Michael's grandma adopted me long ago, and since I have no living grandparents of my own, I feel very lucky to have her.

It was a great day.  

She fed me and Eva the entire time we were there.  I think that is a grandma thing.

We had ham, turnip greens, carrot cake, and fruit cake.  Who knew... I like fruit cake?

Then she took us to her favorite thrifting haunts.

I came home with quite a few things...
this painting for by our stairs...
yep... $3.00.

...this top.

It is silk and - by the look of the tag - straight out of the 80's suit collections... I love it!

I put it on last night to go to dinner with Michael and some of his colleagues.  

I was worried about going to dinner an hour before Eva's normal bedtime, but she was in a good mood and I thought we could press our luck.  

I was meeting Michael there and looking forward to conversation with some adult situations.

I even put on heels and lipstick...

Then things fell apart.

The restaurant was not prepared for our larger party (even with a reservation), seating ran behind and then there wasn't even room when the table was ready, the high chair was too low for the table where we were finally seated...

 add to that a baby whose mood had deteriorated from good, to bad, to very angry.

Eva and I bowed out... white flag raised high.

I took her home, put her to bed.

I had some popcorn and leftover Halloween candy.

At least the top was only 25 cents... yep... a quarter.  

I am wearing it today - just because... 

sans the heels.


I'm Just Sayin' - Kerri said...

That top is awesome. You make it look so fresh and new. Awesome find.

Nikki said...

That is a super cute top. I need to go thrifting with you some time.

Heidi said...

Nessa! You are adorable. Love the top, love the painting and love the wall color behind the painting!

I have bowed out of more than one dinner and it was always the best decision; good for you for knowing when to raise the white flag.

pve design said...

It all seems fair for $3 and change for a painting and a top - sorry to hear about the dinner not working out. I hate things like that, but you were a smart Mom to duck out -

Gretchen O. said...

Grandmas are wonderful...sounds like you had such a nice visit! As for the dinner....good for you for getting dolled up and taking the chance on le bebes mood...with kidss sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...I think it is good for them too. Will get your litle package in the mail.