I didn't do a 11 month post little monster.
I was in denial.

I posted that day, but choose to ignore your last monthly celebration.  
If I ignore maybe time will slow, and you will stop growing in leaps and bounds...

It didn't work.  So we are celebrating a little lesser known milestone...
your 343/365th birthday.
I think it is gaining in popularity.
11 months and 11 days.
There are a lot 1's in there.

Just since you turned 11 months old you have...

... sprouted some mollars. Real honest to goodness food chewing teeth.  
It has been causing some rough nights of sleep - for you and for me.  

... said your first word, your first real word with intent.  Cookie.  
You have a sweet tooth like your daddy.  Graham crackers are your weakness.
We have called them cookies and now so do you.
You love candy canes too... your first candy recognized.

... mastered walking and constantly trying to run.  
You practice and practice.  
You maneuver thresholds, flooring transitions and ramps over and over until you get them.
You are trying to go faster and faster.  You growl when you pick up speed.
We are a little scared.

... will "give me five" - this is our grocery store game.

...love food, big person food.  We let you try anything that we eat.  
You have liked recently sausage, sauerkraut, pickles, salsa, blueberries, and noodles in any form.
You still scream for bananas.
I have to sneak them in the cart with stealth and distraction techniques.

How could 11 days change you so much?
I guess the same way 343 days has changed me.


Heidi said...

Love this so much Nessa.

Nikki said...

YAY! a first word. How quickly they grow.