Aiming high

That was me, about 5 years ago in Colorado.  
We were on our way 13,000 or so feet into the sky and just passed through the cloud line.
It was surreal to be above the clouds.
So very high in the sky, but with your feet still on the ground.

So on to it... 
a week into the new year and I finally hashed out what I am aiming for in 2011.  
I like the word AIM.  
It is short, simple word.  
When you aim for something, you go for it... 
but even if you don't (or can't) hit the bullseye, you still make progress.  I like that.

In 2011, I aim to...

read more
worry less
take care
make plans
be silly

5 aims, 10 words and a whole lot of changes to make.
Elaborations to come.


Christopher And Tia said...

That picture is AWESOME.

Heidi said...

Love this photo of you. OK, get after it Nessa; big changes, and I bet big rewards too.

Carol said...

I like that word too...and that you are aiming to worry less...that is something I should aim for too! Great photo...makes me of The Sound of Music for some reason...

Faith said...

LOVE your resolutions :)
What an awesome photo!