Aim: a walk

We live a few blocks from the library.  On nice days we walk.  

We were heading out, it was snowing and Eva couldn't get away from the windows.
She loves watching the snow fall.

When the thought crossed my mind: 
I wish we could walk up there, but it is too cold.  
She could get sick.  What if she isn't warm enough.  What if is snows harder....

I was getting ready to warm up the car, and stopped myself.
Stop it.
Stop worrying.

So I did.

We bundled up.
Layers, layers and more layers.
I hurried, before I changed my mind.
(Result earmuffs = inside out)
I popped Eva in the sling and topped us both with Michael's coat.
We left before I could even think of changing my mind.
My heart was racing until we reached the corner.

That is when Eva started giggling.

She tried to catch the snow flakes.
It was nice.
Nothing to worry about.

The Paper Mama


Lindsay said...

This made me smile! What a fun little winter memory! I miss our post dinner family walks. I have a new babywearing coat that I need to try out... you've inspired me to get out more even though it's cold!

Heidi said...

This is so lovely Nessa.

Nikki said...

I think the best part of Harper's day is when I take her outside after daycare. She just starts giggling. I can't believe how resilient they are in the cold.

my name is Mel said...

i LOVE this idea. embrace the cold. i need to do this so much more. i'm such a woos. what kind of sling do you wear?