a few reasons why I like taking them... 

You appreciate your day more when you get to review moments in photos.
You notice things that you didn't see before.

I think it is akin to sports highlights...
glimpses of the action, replayed, in slo-mo for your viewing pleasure.

Good example:
Eva was destructing rearranging the books on her bookshelf, I was emptying the bathtub.
The thumps and bangs of her books being tossed to the ground stopped suddenly. 
All was quiet.  Uh Oh.

She was sitting quietly looking at a book.
Patting the page and examining it, as if she was reading.
She was looking so cute with her spiky hair.

What I was trying to catch: Her bath hair sticking up all over.
What I didn't see: The book page she was reading, was of another baby reading.

Taking photos has me experimenting more.
Practicing and learning to get more out of the photos I take.

I took both of these shots in manual mode on my point-and-shoot.
I have never shot in manual unless the toggle was moved on accident.

The second photo was taken in extremely low light.
Think single 15 watt bulb in the far corner low.

In auto, without the flash, my normal shot would have been black screen.
Change some settings (I am still figuring out what I changed) and you can see her face!

I have never "made" noise in a shot without heavy editing.
I am celebrating the noise.

and then, she {snapped}


misc.alaina said...

Love the book page and that you have that captured! Cute baby and cute hair!!

Diana said...

What a cutie! Goodluck with photography as you experiment more :)

Natalie said...

Awh! I've caught my lil boy a million times sitting still "reading" to himself with his books! It really is a precious moment!

rachel said...

oh, I love that author...we have yummy yucky and it is so cute! I also love your noisy shot. thanks for linking up!

Heidi said...

Eva totally looks like the baby in the book. So cute!