Saturday we celebrated the monster's birthday.
We wanted it pretty simple.

Her guests were family or friends that are family.
It was nice.
decorations from the craft and wrapping supplies
the goodies
spice, lemon and red velvet cupcakes
with sprinkles
and candy
yep - I let her get too close to the candle... it seemed tragic at first but all was well
nothing like cake and icing to fix everything
happy monster's birthday


Nikki said...

That bottom pic is super adorable. Happy B-Day Eva.

Heidi said...

Bah, to die for, all of it!

from mel said...

Love the cupcake idea! Delicious.

Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! I love her blue clip and all the cupcakes. She looks like she enjoyed her cupcake too.