This weekend

What a blur...
Our house was full.
 Cupcakes were made and devoured.

But first - our Friday 
and official Monter's birthday.

It was just us three 
and our favorite local Italian eatery.

Eva had pasta and meatballs...
so did the table, floor and our neighbors coat.

The restaurant sang happy birthday...
brought her gelato with a candle...

and couldn't believe how big she was getting.
confession: we eat gelato a lot, a whole lot

Eva fed herself with a spoon.

She was doing it so well,  
you would think that she had been doing it all the time.

Nope - first time.

We had tried to teach her before
with oatmeal and macaroni...

but never a bowl full of chocolate chunk gelato.

Silly parents.

I am brainstorming how this could work for potty training...


Anonymous said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your girl! She is beautiful :) That food looks awesome.

Nikki said...

What a great birthday weekend.

Meredith said...

Happy birthday to your sweet girl! Lizzy just started doing thar with a spoon too!

pve design said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your little lady. She sure knows how to operate her way around with a spoon....and a bowl of gelatto....my kind of gal!

Gretchen O. said...

Sound like a wonderful birthday celebration...Gelato....yummmmm!

Amanda said...

thanks again for your comment on my big boy room makeover for my little guy!

happy belated birthday to your sweet girl!

um, i have to ask what your favorite italian local eatery is??? must i go???