• we have hand prints on our TV... little ones
  • three weeks without cable and I haven't missed it yet
  • just learned I can reserve library books online and just run in an grab them... no searching
  • I love making lists and labels
  • I was stubborn and angry today - what a waste - even if I still feel like I have good reason
  • being right isn't always right
  • I am not a morning person but I need a "rise and shine" attitude
  • coffee is a wonder drug
  • made popcorn on the stove for the first time... so much better than from the microwave
  • conversations with my daughter are really one sided
  • Eva knows three signs - hopefully we are going to start more dialogue
  • wonder if bananas are ever in season... in Ohio
  • my sewing machine has been apart since last month... I need to fix that
  • wearing my husbands old scrub pants and socks
  • why are his socks warmer than mine? 


Anonymous said...

i <3 this list! :)

Heidi said...

That photo is awesome Nessa, and Jay's socks are totally warmer than mine too!

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

love your list! i wonder about the last one too!