Monster Version 1.2

One year...
and two months.

You are changing like crazy little monster.
Everyday, it seems there is something new.

You can talk.
This has been so much fun...
you learning to talk.

Up until this month, you haven't been a big talker.
You have a lot to say now.

"Doggie" "Mooo" "Quack"
"Thank you" - this sounds more like "tank oo" but we know what you mean.
"What's that?" - this goes for anything new.

"Daddy" and "Mommy"
You still say dada and daddy way more than mama and mommy - but you say it.

You can really understand what we say now.
You are a good listener and try really hard to follow directions.

You try to have conversations with us...
we talk and then you babble in.
There are a few words that we undertand...
usually repeating what we just said.

You get really excited when we say that we are going bye-bye.
You love to go bye-bye.
You love putting shoes on because it means going bye-bye.

Then there is the moving...
which you are always doing.

You climb, try to jump, swing, slide, dance. 
Constant motion - one thing right on to the next.

You have picked up speed.
So much so that daddy and I have to jog to keep up with you.

You figured out how to spin this weekend.
Round and round.

You get dizzy, bend over and hold your knees.
Than laugh a laugh that is so full of joy...
 that everyone who hears joins in.
Then you spin again.

That pretty much sums up this last month with you.
Joy and laughter...
until there are tears in our eyes...

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Lori said...

I love this! It sounds like your days are pretty similar to mine. Love this stage!

Heidi said...

Such a good age, and SUCH a cute monster.

Sara said...

SO cute! I love watching them learn new things, it is just amazing!!

Nikki said...

So adorable. I hope we get to meet up this week.

pve design said...

There is a wonderful clip on ted - google it on a baby and words - it is amazing how utters and wimpers begin to sound and take on shape in the form of words, w, wa, waa, waaat, waaatt, waaatte, waatterrr, water - over the course of a year- a couple studying I believe at MIT did research on our communication -
it truly is amazing to watch them develop, mimic and grow up!

Gretchen said...

Such a cutie!