Seven Years Ago

We said "I do."

I knew it meant a lot then...
but I really didn't know.

It is more than those two words.
More than that day.

It is this amazing life that we have made together.

It has had some really amazing moments.
Graduations, trips, and moves.
A monster being born.

What I have learned the most in these seven years...
is that it is more than this...
more than these amazing moments.

It is in the days at home.
The nights of no sleep.
When we are in a fight.
In the looks that say more than words.
Holding hands in the grocery.
Sharing a cookie.

It is those quiet moments in between that make up a life.
Our life.
Our family.
Our love.

Thank you Michael.
Happy Anniversary.


Lori said...

Omg I almost cried reading this. So sweet and so true. Well put!

Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary. Your dress was beautiful.

Heidi said...

Happy Anniversary! You both look lovely. :)

Kelly said...

Happy Anniversary! May there be many, many more amazing years to follow :)

MishMish (Hanna) said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Congratulations!

allie said...

oh man, happy seven years! you two looked lovely on your special day!