Monster Version 1.3


One year and three months.

Time seems to be picking up speed little monster...
and so are you.

You are running.
It is so cute.
You put your head down and pump your arms and legs...
faster and faster.

I have to run to keep up with you.
I can no longer take a few steps and be caught up with you.

And you know it.
When I pick up my pace... you laugh.


That is a new word for you...
and that is where you want to be.
All the time.


Today, you explored our flower beds for almost an hour...
mulch, leaves, flowers, rocks
all were touched and inspected.

You picked a tulip petal and brought it to show me.
I said "How pretty!" 
You "nodded" and said "tee tee."


You gave me a big smile, handed it to me and kissed my hand.
It was the best bouquet I have ever been given.

I say "nodded" because you usually shake your head no...
even for yes.

You can nod yes... but it is more like a head bobbin to the music.
All the way down, chin to your chest.

It is one of your signature moves when you dance...
the head bob.

The arm swing and shake is my favorite...
because you look like your daddy when you do it.
You are stealing his moves.

You are a daddy's girl.
When he gets home your face lights up.
In his arms is the only place to be.

You two have "daddy" games.
These are games that are pretty exclusive.
Hide and seek and chase are two top hits.

They are ok when you play with anyone else.
You still smile and giggle....
but you laugh hysterically the entire time with daddy.

Sometimes we get sad that you are so big...
especially when there is a tiny little man here to compare you to.
But it doesn't last long.


You personality is so amazing to see little monster.
Seeing you learn, make decisions, and have a favorite.

Hearing your voice, seeing your joy.
Receiving your kisses and hugs...

(show off you shot)
You just started taking our hand and pulling us to follow you. 
You want to show us something or go somewhere.
To the door to go outside is a favorite destination.

Both of us... your very happy mommy and daddy always follow.
Right behind you, with the hugest grins on our faces.


Not because we can always do what you want...
outside during a torrential downpour isn't an option.

But because we are getting to see what you are thinking.
Finally, all those thoughts and ideas in your head are making their way out into the world.


We can't wait to see more of it.
Just can't wait.

and then, she {snapped}


rachel said...

LOOOOOOVE this. It rings so true!

Erin said...

She is so stinkin' adorable. Love the dress.
I love baby walking shots.

Nikki said...

She is getting so big. I can't believe it.

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

What great photos of little Eva!
Thanks for sharing your heart in this post! Your little monster is so lucky to have you ...