time out

BW timeout

first time out

Sad, no?
I thought it was too.

Behavior stuff is complicated.

Are they ready?
Are they old enough?
Are you ready?

If I was asked a year ago...
I would have said she would be too young at this age.
This is where "it depends on the child" really hit home.

Our monster is pretty much a free monster.
We don't say "no" or "stop" very often.
When we do, she reacts.

We don't expect her to control all her actions.
She is curious, adventurous and trying to learn.
We make her areas safe and distract her when we can't.

It is her job to check everything out.
Her granny calls it "investigating"...
finding about about all the things that are in her world.
They are all new to her.

We have drawn the line only in a few cases...
hitting, kicking and biting.

These are unacceptable for us.
She can and should be able to control herself...
at least most of the time.

When she can't...
she gets the chair...
for one minute.

As you can tell by her pouty face...
she knows it is a crappy way to spend even just one minute of her day.

It is such a cute pouty face.

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Carri said...

such a sad face...but an important lesson!

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Awww :( What a pitiful little face. Right there with you, though. This time last year, I would have thought there is no way I'm putting Davis in time out at 1. But, they have to learn at some point. Even though it's only one minute, it's like an hour to him, I'm sure!

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Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

you know what it's really up to YOU what feels right by you the age to start disciplining your child, because YOU know your child more than anyone else. but disciplining is so tricky at whatever age. good luck!

she sure looks so darn cute pouting.

Meredith said...

You're so right that it depends on the kiddo. Lizzy started getting time outs several months ago because when we'd say, "Please don't hit--that hurts," she'd look right at me, smile, and hit me again. She KNEW what she was doing, and was testing, even then!

Lori said...

We are on the same page over here. My guy runs free most of the time and he listens to us about not going in the street and whatnot but I had to do a couple timeouts for hitting about a month ago. The good news is it only lasted a couple of days and he hasn't hit in a long time.

Mandi said...

Oh how sad. but so she is cute! I just started practicing the word "NO" with my little one and it is always followed with the pout and i swear it breaks my heart every time!

Nikki said...

I'm with you on the setting boundaries instead of saying "no" all the time. Our current battle is eating her letter magnets. She doesn't like to hear "not in your mouth please" and throws a fit when I move them up out of her reach.

Kelly said...

How do you get her to stay there? Carter is a biter and I think it's time to implement the time out since he does it and then laughs!!

Heidi said...

This is the best thing I have seen all week Nessa.

pakosta said...

my girls were ready for time outs at this age too, only I never gave them, I wasn't too great at follow through! good job mama! she's a CUTIE even pouting!!!