At Grandma's

Nobody can do for little children 
what grandparents do.  
Grandparents sort of sprinkle stardust 
over the lives of little children.
Alex Haley

Great-Grandma's house has...


a gate to a garden


where strawberry plants and tomatoes grow


a brick path with primroses and peonies starting to bud


pints of strawberries to core and slice


while she fries chicken in her skillet from when she was first married
and green beans cook in a pressure cooker that is almost as old.


she has a fork that is just monster sized


there is always dessert... even at lunch time.

Being there has become one of our favorite places to be.


Valary said...

Thanks Nessa, for the sweet journey. I am a little bit envious. The Grandmas live too far away from us to pop by for lunch.

Cherie @ Lots of Jewels' Blog said...

Grandma houses are always the best and most magical places in the whole world! Love the photos and little story, how sweet!

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

precious moments beautifully captured in these photos!

Kelly said...

Grandmas make the best food! Such a sweet post.

Any chance you have the recipe for that strawberry pie? =) Delicious!!

Shannon said...

Oh, I just love that quote at the beginning of your post. I'm stealing it for my facebook status. I just lost my favorite grandmother in February. It's been so hard, but this post was good for my soul.

Jan B said...

As a grandma myself, I just LOVE the grandma quote! Great pics - feels like home! And that pie looks SO yummy! :)

Cari said...

I heart Grandma's, nothing like them, and no body gives better hugs!

Danyelle said...

I love the quote at the beginning; it is so fitting for showing pictures of Grandma's house through her new curious eyes.

Anonymous said...

What a sweet post and your little one is adorable! Love her dress!

Fresh Mommy said...

That is so, so true... my kid's favorite places to be are at both of their grandparents house! They LOVE it! :) This is such a sweet post.


Jami said...

I'm in love with these pics! I want to go there too! She looks so sweet in that outfit ;)

Carol said...

So sweet, and how I wish we could just swing by Grandma's house for lunch. We miss out on that living 1200 miles away...

Nikki said...

How fun that Eva gets to make such wonderful memories with her great grandma.