seedlings 1

The sad, sad seedlings from before are doing much better.
They have been transplanted and are getting acclimated to the outdoors.

It is amazing what little sunshine can do...
it warms my heart and feeds the soul.

I am so excited that they are still green and growing.
You have no idea how good I am at killing the green things.

seedlings 2

I raided the recycle bin (and maybe my neighbors) for containers.
It is a mish-mash, but it works.

These last few days have been surprises.
The weather man said rain and thunderstorms...
we have had just sunshine.

The windows are open 
and the breeze is making the curtains wave.

The monster's hair was wet with baby sweat yesterday.
She ran and ran until she couldn't anymore.

Summer... we welcome you.


Lori said...

We do too! Yay for warmer weather!

Charlotte | Life's a Charm! said...

Me too! Can't wait for summer ...

Heidi said...

Nessa, we are about to plant our strawberries, wish us luck. Hope they thrive like your seedlings!