I am feeling bad...
sick bad.

The monster is too.
She had a rough yesterday.
She had a rough night.

We were up late.
We were up a lot.

So you can imagine how today has been.


We walked to lunch.
The monster had rice and guacamole.


We tried to help...
but she wouldn't let us help her.


She did a fairly good job eating...
and sharing a whole lot with the floor.


She flung some across the room.
She was amazed at its height and trajectory.

So were the people sitting at the nearby table.
Sorry Chipotle...

and then, she {snapped}

Tip: Less than 24 hours with my new toy... I got nothing.
Except keep to reminding myself that I don't have to figure this thing out in 24 hours.  
Take lots of deep breaths and it is okay... no screaming necessary.


Erin said...

Annie is definitely in the "don't want any help!" stage too! Ben tried to feed her black bean soup the other night and she freaked out when he tried to spoon feed her and wouldn't even allow him to put his hand to hold the bowl steady. Yikes!!

Heidi said...

Yeah, super yikes. Crazy babies. Feel better and yes, deep breaths help. No need to rush on this, friend.

Kelly said...

It will come. I've had my camera for months and deleted every picture I took today. It will come ;)

Hanna said...

So sad y'all aren't feeling well - hope that improves soon. My youngest is at the point where he doesn't want me to feed him either - can get very frustrating at times so I usually give him one fork and put food on it and then I have another that I try to use to actually feed him. He does better every day with his own fork, too!

rachel said...

how could you not love that little face? now I'm hungry for rice and guacamole. YUM!

Natalie said...

Oh sorry you feel bad! I haven't felt up to par lately either, bad allergies! But the photos are so cute!

uwmomma said...

Mmmm her lunch looks yummy!
I'm so sorry you both aren't feeling well! Sick days were never fun, but now with a little one I dread them even more!

Anonymous said...

I love these. So adorable. I hope you feel better soon!