Lesson in Bargaining

Some of my very favorite books growing up the Little House on the Prairie Series.
I probably read them all 10 times in my life.

In a teenage moment of getting rid of all things "little"
I donated my set of books.
Silly teenager.


I knew that one day Eva had to have the set on her shelves.


The other day,  drove past a garage sale sign.
I love garage sales.

The baby was laughing in the back seat...
we had no place we needed to be...
so I make a u-turn.


I couldn't believe it...
they had the whole set for $2.
I scooped them up.

Now holding these books in one arm...
and a giggly monster in the other was tricky.


So I put the books down to re-adjust my cargo...
and the man said, "I will take a dollar for those."
He might have thought I was changing my mind.

When I told him I was buying them anyway...
He told me shush and learn how to bargain better.


I paid him my dollar and told him I would have been glad to pay two.
He smiled and said he would have taken 50 cents...

It might be a while until they sit on her shelves.


Hanna said...

Great lesson to be learned there!! LOL - guess that guy shouldn't open his own store, though - he might never make a profit!

My dad bought a collection of classic stories for my daughter - I can't wait to read them to her, too. We started the little princess, but there were no pictures and it was long - I think it'll be another read before she's ready for those, too!

Meredith said...

I am totally like that old man at garage sales, but only with books. If someone starts talking about how much they love a particular book, I'm always like, "It's free!" I think I'm just so thrilled to know that it's going to a good home, lol!

Glad you were able to find the series!

pve design said...

priceless destiny!

rachel said...

what a sweet story! and I have the whole set, still. But it's not a "matched" set. You scored a deal!

Erin said...

Awesome!! I LOVE those books - read them countless times, and they are in my basement right now, ready for Annie when she is :)

Lindsay said...

oh, those are the best books!! my parents read them to us when we were little. I have such great memories sitting around my parents chairs in the living room listening :-)

Kelly said...

What an awesome deal! Those were my favorite books growing up. I have them stored away in case we ever have a girl!

Nikki said...

Eva will hace so much fun reading those. I loved them!

pakosta said...

I LOVED those books too! Barnes & Noble has the color picture edition and I LOVED them so much I bought the first 4 so far for my girls. we are reading them together!