A Bridge

There is a definite age gap with our girls...
one as big as the Nile.

One loves Elmo and Cookie Monster...
the other has a thing for Kesha and Justin Bieber.

We found a bridge...












Speaking of Kesha...
oh please, please go away.

You sound awful, horrible even...
 and you make me feel old for thinking that.
Really old.

I am sorry mom and dad.
Please forgive me for playing Informer by Snow...
 over and over and over.

I get it now.
I really do.

and then, she {snapped}

To get the shot of her twirling with the bubbles... I twirled with her.
Rachel did the same thing with Camden running a while back to keep a moving
target in focus when they are moving... I think it is called panning.
Also, I took about 15 photos while twirling... to make sure I got what I wanted.
Oh man was I dizzy.


Heidi said...

Let us not speak of Kesha. Let's talk about these photos instead: they are sublime Nessa friend.

rachel said...

Your new addition seems to fit right in. Congratulations!

Mandi said...

Such beautiful photos!! It looks like your girlies are enjoying themselves <3<3

Meredith said...

Have you seen that shot where the mom hung the camera around her neck, set the self timer, and then swung the girl around by her arms? LOVE it, and your spinning picture reminds me of it.

I think everyone loves bubbles!

Nikki said...

I LOVED Informer by Snow. Ahhh the memories

Heart n Soul said...

Amazing bubble shots and love your sorry note.... ha ha ....we have no idea until we are there ourselves!!!

Kelly said...

Awesome pictures! And I absolutely cannot stand the music on the radio these days. I just don't get it!!

Jami said...

I LOVE this post and these pictures! Please come take pictures of my kids ;)