Girls Night


Lindsey Lohan Movie 
A special 10 year old girl.

My new girls night...
and it was wonderful.

PS - The movie was terribly cute - but still really terrible... 
at least for those whose ages are evenly divisible by 15.


rachel said...

I just watched I am Number Four with my people. It was pretty good for a sci-fi action movie. My 7 year old liked it alot, but probably because it was PG-13. : )

Cari said...

So sweet, I love doing this with my daughter; luckily no L.L. yet, thank goodness! We're still watching Barbie and Little Mermaid.

Also name dropped your blog in my post today, because you and your fam is a little bit AMAZING!

Nikki said...

That is super fun. It will be tons of fun when Eva is old enough to enjoy movie night with you. I can't wait until Harper can do that.