Going to Grandma's


Today, Eva is going to Grandma's.
If she knew, she would be really excited.
Right now, anything I say in an excited voice makes her happy.

She loves these plates on our kitchen wall.
Just a bunch of collected thrift store and garage sale finds.
I hung them because they make me happy.
They make her happy too.

She loves when you hold her up so she can touch each one.
Daddy holds her high enough to get even the ones at the top.
Up high is her very favorite.


I been bla this last week.

Part of it has been feeling sick.
I have been slammed with allergies.  
They keep me up through the night nose blowing and eye itching.

The worst thing about feeling melancholy is not letting keep you.
I find that once you are in a slump the walls get slippery.
It gets in your head and you stay there.

So today, with new some allergy medicines and a better attitude...
I am leaving my bla slump behind.
Sometimes it can just be all in your head...
the sneezing and the mood too.

and then, she {snapped}

Sneaking photos is harder when your camera now makes the tell-tale click.
So I turn the music on Pandora and send it to the speakers.
I like photos where the people aren't paying you and mind.


Kristen said...

Sweet shots!

Rici said...

How did you hang your plates, Nessa? I have a few plates and a perfect spot in the dining room but I don't know how I will hang them.

Heidi said...

What a great idea, so colorful and cheery! And these shots are fantastic Nessa! Hope you are feeling yourself again ASAP friend.

Carri said...

ohhh I love the plates on the wall!

rachel said...

I love that plate wall. Super cool! And I'm not positive, but there may be a way to silence your camera? (check the manual).