Isn't it funny when two people decide to get married...
families and people that have never met,
or at least never would have met other wise...
meet and become instantly close.


This is Liz (in the middle) standing between her fiancees mother and her own.
Liz and her groom live states away.
But both mothers, having only me once before...
have become instant friends.
They even text each other.

I have been friends with Liz since I was 12.
Gangly, awkward... preteens.
Trying out new lip gloss and mascara for the first time.

We worked at her dad's veterinary clinic together.
Chatted with boys on the phone after hours.
Drank hot cocoa and talked about dresses for dances.

Now she is in another time zone I miss her a lot.
But she came home for the weekend...
to celebrate her wedding next month.

I planned a little party.
Nothing fancy...
just a few family and friends.


Cake and treats...


We chatted...
discussed dresses and shoe colors.
Looked at earring choices and drank lemonade.
Talked about husbands and future husbands.


Some things remain the same.

PS - I chopped my hair off... I think I like it.


pve design said...

congrats to your friend.
best wishes to both of you. may you continue to share with one another all life's many celebrations.

Rici said...

Both of you look lovely in this picture! Your eyes are popping off the page!! She will make a beautiful bride! You are such a sweet friend!

Jami said...

Beautiful party! You reminded me of fond memories with my BFF who I also met when I was 12. Yeah! LOVE THE HAIR ;)

Heidi said...

Congratulations to your beautiful friend! Exciting stuff ahead. And your party looks lovely. And, yeah, I think I LOVE your hair.

Also, I bought the dress you're wearing to take to Austin and had to return it because it was just all kinds of wrong on me. Now I know how it's supposed to look! You're a little cutie, Nessa.

Kelly said...

Love the 'do!

Erin said...

Beautiful, Nessa!
I love the photo or you girls. Gorgeous!!

jill said...

that is so sweet of you to plan! but of course you would really because you seem so nice!! :) your hair looks ADORABLE!!

Cari said...

Nice! I have a girlfriend that I've know since middle school too; nothing like it. And I like the hair cut:)