:: I am working on what we did for Father's Day post... still.

:: We have tomatoes in our garden... lots of teeny tiny tomatoes.  Our squash plant is in full bloom.  It makes me squeal.

:: Things aren't going really great with getting the things we need to keep Sheriah here... it is making my heart heavy.

:: Yesterday, Sheriah laughed... a deep soulful belly laugh that took her breath away.  We had never heard her laugh that way before.  We are going to fight for that laugh.

:: Yesterday, I went out with a girl friend... alone... no children.  We toured a neighborhood of homes and gardens.  It was lovely.

:: Tonight I am going out with a bunch of ladies for wine and dessert... What!?! Two days in a row!

:: I keep finding my monster in all types of predicaments lately.  On top of things, inside things, stuck through something.  She is everywhere all the time.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Heidi said...

LOVE this photo with my whole heart.

Go out tonight and have a great time with your ladies. Let your heavy heart have the night off. Just know that all of your bloggy and internet friends are saying our prayers that things will fall into place swiftly for you and Sheriah.

Sew.What. said...

Praying that your heavy heart will soon be lightened.

Adrienne said...

What Heidi said!

Cari said...

Your family is in my prayers! And go girl, you deserve it...um, can I come? Enjoy yourself.

Jami said...

What a cutie pie! Praying for you! Actually e-mailing you now ;)