Monster Version 1.5


Happy 17 months little one.

You are talking a lot now.
There is still the cute babbling and hand motions from before...
but there are real words sprinkled in now. 

You mimic and repeat words we say.
It has been good lesson for us big people...
only saying nice things or saying nothing at all.

Hearing your vioce has been wonderful.
We finally get to hear a few words that make up all the thoughts in your head.
These tiny glimpses have been so fun.


You love all things art related.
Crayons, markers and finger paint.

You are so serious about your creations...
focused intently on what you are doing.


And then there is the music.

Out of the blue you will sing and dance.
It is like there is a little radio in your head playing just for you.

You have some great moves...
bobbing your head, swinging your arms and shaking your tush.

You know the hand motions to all of our favorite songs...
and you make requests for the one you want by starting the motions.

Skinnamarink, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Thumpkin and Open Shut Them.
These are your favorites.


You have the most infectious smile and you use it all the time.
It never fails to put me in the best mood.

Then there is your laugh...
it still draws a crowd in public.

It can make this mommy and daddy do some hilarious things...
like pretending to be monkeys at the grocery so we get a good laugh.


You only take one nap a day now.
I think it was a tougher switch for me than you.

You have refused to eat green foods.
I thought this was a myth, babies didn't pick colors that they didn't like!
Nope - wrong again.


Being the little sister has been a breeze.
You love having someone to play and learn with.

You have shared you life with someone...
and I know that your love is helping heal her heart.


You are a joy, monter.
Our lives are the brightest and best...
and you make them so.


(Our Father's Day Art - I gave up on the separate post.)

and then, she {snapped}


rachel said...

super cute! but I'm pretty sure we won't be doing finger painting around here anytime soon...way too messy for this momma!

Adrienne said...

First of all ~ oh so very sweet! The photos are beautiful! The neutral background/little naked one makes her eye color and the paint colors pop! The sentiments are great and hold some specifics that you'll be so glad are written down somewhere years from now! AND, I LOVE what you've done with the finger painte art!!! I will be stealing this idea for sure!

Melanie said...

She's getting so big, & cuter & cuter! You are a brave mommy w/ that paint! Love the father's day gift. So sweet, like always.

Mandi said...

I love this! It looks like she got a little taste of the paint as well, haha. Such a cute idea for a fathers day gift :)

Michelle said...

what a GREAT idea!!!!!! love it!!! and that little boy is one of the cutest kids i have ever seen!!!! he's precious.

Meredith said...

Nessa, these portraits are AWESOME.

Such a sweet little monster--isn't this the best age?

Kelly said...

Love, love, love, LOVE the finger paint art! She is quite the artist. I'm sorry about the kitchen, hopefully everything dried up easily.

Jade said...

Beautiful post. What a beautiful little girl! This is my first time stopping by. This post makes me look forward to when my little one starts talking (and makes me less sad that he's becoming less "baby" and more "big boy." I have thought many times about fostering/adopting and love the part about Eva healing her sister's heart. Very touching.

Carol said...

This is so sweet. I almost forgot how wonderful it is when you first hear their little voices. What a treasure - video it all the time. Before you know it they are talking in full sentences, and then spicing it up with a little attitude.

**I am shocked at how behind I was on your blog - man alive!**