Moments: Hoping

* In a few days, I am off to San Diego for a wedding.  I am excited for the beach but already missing Michael and the girls.
* We got a little ray of hope for Sheriah.  It isn't at all the bright light we need but it is a start and we are going to chase it down.
* It is pouring rain in our front yard and sunny in the back.  I bet there is a rainbow somewhere.
* Eva's canine teeth are coming in.  We have had a fussy monster lately and this explains everything.
* This little frog would have made its way to our house if I hadn't had insisted that he would have been very sad away from his creek-side home.  You are welcome little guy.


Gretchen said...

I've been praying for your little family lately! I hope this ray of sunshine turns into a full-on summer day :)

Heidi said...

All of this is a ray light today, sweet Nessa.

Cari said...

Hope you find the rainbow...for all things. Good call on sending the frog back home, eeeek. Those I teeth are the worst, poor little monster, and poor mommy :) Have fun in San Diego!

Adrienne said...

prayers continuing ~

Carol said...

There is always hope...Blessings to you, Nessa.

Carol said...

There is always hope...Blessings to you, Nessa.