I cut Eva's hair the other night.
These photos were pre-hair cut.
(And pre-camera off to the shop.)

It was looking too long, right?
Just kidding.


Seriously, though...
baby girl had two tails in the back.

It looked like a mullett...
that had been attacked by the weed whacker in the middle.


She has been carrying this little purse around lately.
I think it is adorable.

She tucks all sorts of things in there...
books, blocks, crayons.

Today that is where I found my keys.
After 20 minutes of searching.

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Susan said...

Oh...she is just adorable!

Hope your day has been blessed.

Scott said...

very cute photos.

likeschocolate said...

What a darling little girl!

likeschocolate said...

What a darling little girl!

rachel said...

love the purse! it's good to start them young and shoes and handbags. : )

Val said...

Oh Nessa, I can totally relate. We just learned that you need to look in the toddler purse for lost things as well. That is where we found the DVR remote.

Anonymous said...

She is so pretty! Seeing little girls makes me want one.

Cari said...

Are mullets out of fashion? I adore a cute mullet, as well as rat-tails, or whatever. Totally kidding! Although, mullets on adorable children are acceptable:)

I don't cut my kid's hair for this very reason.