Little Johnny

So I have been thinking of something to write for Jami's We Encourage Linky Party.
Something nice, uplifting and meaningful.

I had taken made some notes on my phone...
manners, reaching out, friends.

Then this happened...

We went to a children's concert on Monday. 
Before the concert, the staff brought out truck loads of sidewalk chalk.
Eva was loving it.

There were piles and buckets of the multi-colored sticks everywhere.  They were littering the ground to the point it was getting hazardous for us mommies to walk without watching every step.  
There were at least 30 sticks of chalk per child.  No joke. 

Chalk and Eva

So, back to my Eva-monster and her loving this abundance of chalk.  She was having a great time. Drawing, switching colors, drawing some more. Enter stage right, little Johnny*.  
He was a super cute little boy - about five or six.  He sits down right beside Eva... legs touching.
(*my name for all little boys until I know their real one)

I started heading in to save little Johnny from my non-sharing, personal space craving monster.   
We have been working on sharing and it has been a struggle.  Eva is also protective of her personal space.  Unrequested hugs or hand holding from other little ones are usually met by a yell and dirty look.  
Repeated attempts can create a vicious scene of screaming and pushing.

So, I am a few steps from the great swoop-in and a miracle happens.  
She hands him a stick of chalk and gets back to her art work.  
I was so excited about her sharing that I froze.  

Johnny scoots a little closer.  I am thinking... don't push your luck little Johnny...  
Eva smiles and hands him another piece of chalk.  "Hi!" she says.  

I am thrilled.  Elated.  Standing just a few feet away, beaming with pride.

Then little Johnny reaches out to take the chalk Eva has in her hand.  
She resists, he pulls, she yells and pulls back.  
I try to quickly close the 8 foot span between us
knowing the "Eva, we be nice and share..." talk is on its way
when little Johnny makes a move.
He pinches Eva and rips the chalk away.  
Out comes his tongue at her, and he laughs.

Wait a minute here!  
I can see the red mark already on her arm and the big tears in her eyes.

As I get ready to grab her up and get her away from the little chalk stealing terrorist...
She picks up a piece of chalk and bangs him in the head with it.  Twice.

I stopped.  

He stops his grinning, gets teary eyed, gets up and then cries for his mommy.

I watch Johnny finds his mommy is seemingly no worse for the wear.  
Crying and telling her someone hit him in the head, but no tears.

Eva looks around for me.
Forehead wrinkled and close to tears.
Her eyes land on me and her face is questioning, wavering between sad and guilty.

I lock eyes and smile.
She kinda smiles back.
I smile big and bright and wave.

I see her take a deep breath, big grin.
Back to happy coloring.

I feel a tinge of guilt.
Then it is gone.

Sorry little Johnny.
Manners Smanners...
Sometimes you get what you deserve.


Heidi said...

Don't mess with the bull or you get the horns, you know what I'm sayin'?

You and Eva rock, Nessa.

Keetha Broyles said...

What I LOVE is how she has her little white sandals on the wrong feet. So Cute.

Erin said...

HA!!! This is awesome. I too always love when I see Annie fighting back a bit :)

Nikki said...

It's good to know that she can share but stick up for herself when someone takes advantage of her generosity.

rachel said...

atta girl, eva!

Jami said...

Oh my goodness!This made me laugh out loud! Chalk stealing terrorist! hahahaha
Sometimes you DO get what you deserve!
Love it! xoxo

katie said...

haha...I've learned it's about 50-50 with my kids vs. other kids. So funny.

Carri said...

I totally agree- way to go Eva standing up for herself!

Carol said...

Girl can hold her own! Good for you for watching how it all played out too. So often kids don't get to figure it out for themselves because parents interject too soon.

My Chloe likes her space too - she sounds like she is very similar to Eva in that regard.

Val said...

Nessa, I loved this little story. I was right there with you.

Jessica Heights said...

Ha! Little ones can be so funny...I'm sure he'll do a better job of sharing next time!

sarah beth said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! this story is amazing! i loved and laughed along the way (: