• The windows are open wide.
  • Sunday I photographed a baking class and had the most amazing pizza ever.
  • My meal plan this week has tomatoes in every dish.
  • Our garden has exploded with sun ripened goodness.
  • Storing tomatoes stem down helps them last longer... see Cooks Illustrated article.
  • Michael and I have been fantasy home shopping all over the country on Zillow.  
  • Eva loves the Fraggles and it makes us very happy.
  • I am going to see The Help tonight with a friend and I can't wait.
  • The pool closed already.
  • I thought summer was busy, fall is shaping up to top it
  • We have to get a few more ices cream/fro-yo/gelato trips in this week - we are low in our quota.
  • It is sad that all three of those are a 2 minute walk from our house... sad in a good way.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters


Hanna said...

Love the Fraggles!! I saw The Help Sunday with gf's and LOVED it! It's an awesome movie. And we love Orange Leaf & Tutti Frutti - to a fault! LOL - can't get enough of it!

misc.alaina said...

Your list makes me want summer to last forever! So jealous you can walk for those frozen treats!! Love Eva's dress!

Nikki said...

MMMMMM....orange leaf. I love that place

Heidi said...

Nessa, please consider the Pacific Northwest in your fantasy home shopping. You'd love it here, seriously. And I'd love you here, seriously. :)

Carol said...

I envy you fall. A true fall, with crisp air, vibrant trees, and a need for jeans & sweatshirts. My day is coming...in January probably.