Gift Basket


I have never done a giveaway.  
I have never wanted my blog to be about anything more than my family.
The few times I have  been asked - it was something that I was not get behind.

But $10 in free gas!?!
I can get behind that!

BP's Columbus Commute Better Crew is gifting to one of my readers
Mom on-the-go Commute Better Kits:

photo (1)

The kit contains:
Kid-friendly car organizer·  $10 BP gas card
Tumbler·  Umbrella·   Sunglasses·   Travel coffee mug
 Air freshener·   Tire gauge ·    Hand wipes·   Sunscreen
 Band-Aid First Aid to go Kit·  Flashlight
Travel packs of Kleenex ·   Hand lotion
  Notepad·  Pens·    Coloring book·   Crayons

Leave a comment below making sure there is a way to contact you if you are the winner...

If you would tell me something that you are going to try to make your car time better...
Let me know! (It will make the comments for fun to read!)
You do not have to be a follower, unless you want to.
So, only one entry per person please.

Open to US residents only and ends Friday, September 2 at midnight EST.
Winner will be chosen by Random.org 
and will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn

I am not affiliated with BP or the Commute Better Program.
I am not being compensated for my time in any way.
(Nope - no gas cards for me.)

Good luck everyone!


WINNER: #8 Kristance
I will be contacting her to claim her prize.


allenaim photography and design said...

I know it is not politically super correct, but my absolutely FAVORITE in the car is the DVD Player...it has been a LIEESAVER!

Meredith said...

What a fun giveaway Nessa!

We don't often spend long amounts of time in the car, but when we do, having the car organized is a HUGE help!

Hanna said...

Our latest change is a car toy box! The floor in the back was so cluttered with a toys, I found a little bin to fit between the kids & only what will fit in there is now allowed in my car!! Keeps everything together & if I need to empty the car I just have to grab the one basket! That & the DVD player are the best! I don't see a problem with DVDs in the car b/c it isn't like I'm taking away from physical activity - they are strapped down in their seats! And we do fun & educational DVDs so if it's something like LeapFrog, they are learning, too! WIN WIN!

Melanie said...

Now this is a cool giveaway! My HOT baby daddy loves to make our car rides a traveling game show. We play all sorts od fun games on long car rides. Our fav is the ABC name/prefession game thingeee M'bob. Weird name right...lol. I don't know the exact name. BUT...

You go through the alphabet starting w/ "A" for example~ "my name is Ava & I'm a Ant Farmer from Antartica." Oooo that was a ggod one!) It sounds a bit silly, but it really is so much fun!

On shorter car rides Jax loves listening to music & loves the winds blowing through the sunroof. Sorry for the novel! XO.

Kelly said...

I love the idea of mapping out all the local parks so if we're in the car and need to stretch our legs we can get out! What a great giveaway! Thanks Nessa!

Lyryn said...

Ok.. fabulous give away! You know why I should win?! Because I just got new car and I want this!!!!! lol!!! Give this new car owner this amazing basket! ;) Hehe!

Nikki said...

I keep a secret stash of graham crackers in my car for those moments that Harper just can't be consoled any other way. Without her in the care the best is rolling down the windows and cranking the stereo!

kristance ann said...

i'm going to go with kleenex and napkins in the glove box. i can't even count the number of times those have been life saving. we also keep a few extra diapers and travel wipes in there (for quick trips when we don't think we NEED to take the diaper bag.) those have also been life saving, as eleanor has a knack for pooping at the most in opportune times. (:

Carol said...

Great tips! I'm all about parking in the shade. I don't have a terribly long commute, but having the radio on and going the speed limit are my musts :)

**if I win (I'm never that lucky) you know where to find me :)