Monster Version 1.7


One year and seven months.

Wow monster...
this month you have really became a talker.
A real talker.

You say words and small phrases.
It came out of nowhere.

I was honestly worried about your speech development.  
I know in your last month's post I talked about how you were finally speaking...
but a lot of that was a little exaggerated.

You repeated words occasionally.
Said them out of the blue so rarely that I was getting worried.

The other day you said...
"Mom, today!" standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting on me.

Your daddy says that to me all the time when I have you guys waiting.
You stood just like your daddy and shouted up the stairs.
It was hilarious.

I had another first mommy moment just tonight...
You repeated my name over and over while I was talking to your daddy.
You went on and on and on until I acknowledged you.

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mommy, Mom, Mom, Mommy...

Although it actually went...
Nom, Nom, Nom. Mommy...

You like Nom instead of mom.
It is kinda cute.


Limit testing is a new area that we have ventured into.
We have had more time outs lately.

Some of them make you pout...
other make you laugh.
I am not sure which is worse.

A love of yours has turned into and obsession.
 Balls... any and all kinds.

Now that you can say it...
anything round gets the "ball" title.

You tried to kiss a boy at the park the other day...
and succeeded with another at the science museum.

You daddy doesn't appreciate your sharing of affections...
but your mommy is just glad you stopped hitting others.


You still love a good book.
But now, you have started to read them to yourself.

I will here quiet little babbles from across the room...
and you have a book open in your lap.
Turning pages, pointing and talking.

It stops us in our tracks so many times a day.
Those "big kid" things you do.
Little glimpses into the articulate little lady you are becoming.

We love you to pieces...
and back together again monster.


Melanie said...

She is the most beautiful little monster there ever was! I am so happy she is talking up a storm!

I am honestly a little freaked out w/ my Jax, & his vocab. He can say quite a few words, he understrands EVERYTHING, & is way to smart for his own britches, BUT I just can't get him to really REALLY talk. We read a ton(he loves it), I am super naritive through out the day, & I try to make this all fun. I am just a little lost & a lot worried. Any suggestions would be so appriciated. Thanks Nessa!

renee said...

I'm not sure which photo is more precious - I think the last one.

Hanna said...

Precious photos - but that first one is over the cute meter!!!

Erin said...

She is just SUCH a cutie! I love the Mom, Today!!! ha!! Annie also is obsessed with balls and repeated says "ball! Ball!!" (which still sounds more like Ba!) whenever she sees them.

Rici said...

One of these days we will get our girls together...one of these days!!

Carol said...

ahhh, isn't this just the best thing ever! All of sudden they have have a vocab explosion and start repeating everything, then before you know it they are naming things on their own, and then they are talking in short sentences, then they start communicating what is going on in their tiny heads. It's amazing and this is the start of it all! I am so happy that you are enjoying these moments, Nessa.

Anonymous said...

Oh good, we're voting on the photos!! The first one is stunning. Eva's personality was captured right out loud!!

Your photography has really grown up Nessa!! I am envious of your talent.

Adriel (The Mommyhood Memos) said...

"mom, today!" that is SO hilarious. love the things they pick up.

i really, really love these photos too. that first one is just stunning. wow, nice work friend!!